Using CSS Sculptor

CSS Sculptor allows you to create CSS-based designs for your website. The various interfaces of this Dreamweaver extension allow you to completely customize all the aspects of your design. Additionally, a Color Management tool has been included to allow you to easily change the colors used by your design elements, to find the color scheme that works best for you.

After creating your design with CSS Sculptor, you will want to Save the created page as a Dreamweaver template (.dwt) in order to use that design for creating the pages of your website.


The following locations in Dreamweaver open the CSS Sculptor interface.
  • WebAssist > CSS Sculptor...

Please Note: CSS Sculptor is non-reentrant. However, instead of modifying an already created design, you are advised to save your work in CSS Sculptor as a new preset. In order to make modifications to your design, you will want to enter CSS Sculptor and choose the custom saved preset from the design type list, then create a new page that includes these changes.