Using the File Manipulation Features

DataAssist's File Manipulation features are the same as what was provided in the older extension, Digital File Pro.

allows you to add important upload and download functionality to your website. In version 2 the upload capabilities have been enhanced to give you more control, and more options.

Before you can use the File Manipulation features, you'll need to have the following.

  • A Dreamweaver defined site, configured for PHP.
  • A connection to a MySQL database configured within your site.
  • A PHP page containing a file field in a form (Required for Upload functionality only).
  • A Dreamweaver template with an editable region to hold the generated forms and other content. (Optional).


The Upload File and Download File Server behaviors can be accessed from the following locations:

Note: These options will be disabled if you do not have a PHP page open in Dreamweaver.

Upload File

  • WebAssist > File Manipulation > Upload

Download File

  • WebAssist > File Manipulation > Download

Additional Features

Additional features for handling files that exist on your server can be accessed from:

  • WebAssist > File Manipulation > Rename
  • WebAssist > File Manipulation > Delete

Note: Prior to launching the File Manipulation interface, make sure to have the PHP page you wish to apply the behavior to open.