Dynamic Connections Help System

Dynamic Connections provides various functionality for defining MySQL Database Connections in Dreamweaver that is otherwise not available in Dreamweaver's default Database Connection interface.

If you often create two different database connection files (one for testing and one for remote), using Dynamic Connections will allow you to create one database connection file that uses the appropriate database based on the domain your page is being displayed on. You can even use this tool if you want to switch databases for different sites.

Accessing the interface

Once installed, this extension adds a Dynamic MySQL Database Connection option to the Dreamweaver Databases panel that you can use to create your database connections going forward.

Before you will be able to access this option, you must first have defined your Dreamweaver site as a PHP/MySQL site and have the database connection information available.

  • With your PHP page open, click Add from the Databases panel (Window > Databases).
  • Choose Dynamic MySQL Connection to launch the interface.