Preparing to use Dynamic Dropdowns

Before you can begin to use WA Dynamic Dropdowns, there are some prerequisites with which you need to be familiar in order to make your dynamic lists interactive.
  • Using List/Menu Form Elements - This lesson details what a list/menu is, its properties, and how to add and configure lists for your web pages. It discusses the three types of lists you will create with this extension: Parent Lists, Child Lists, and Target Lists.
  • Database Structure - This lesson discusses the database content that populates your lists, as well as how to properly structure this data in your database to work with the extension behaviors.
  • Using Recordsets - This lesson discusses the proper configuration of recordsets to retrieve data and populate your dynamic lists.
  • Creating a Dynamic List/Menu - This lesson discusses the Dynamic List/Menu behavior provided in Dreamweaver MX; and how it is used in conjunction with the behaviors shipped in this extension.