Image Resizer Help System

With the Image Resizer functionality applied to the images on your page, any necessary resizing of the images will be done for you automatically. The image resize functionality will create images to fit the width and height specified in the HTML. If the original image matches that width and height, or if no width and height is set, a new image will not be created.

How it works

  1. Add images to your PHP pages in Dreamweaver.
    Or image placholders if working with dynamic images.
  2. Using HTML or the Properties Inspector, specify the desired size for the image.
    You can select individual images, or entire pages or content areas.
  3. Apply Image Resizer to images on your page.
    Images do not have to be resized.
  4. Upload your pages to your server.
  5. The first time the page loads in a browser, a new resized image file will be created and stored on your server.

Applying the Image Resizer functionality

You can apply the Image Resizer functionality to any image on your PHP page or to the location of your page where you wish an image to be inserted.

  1. Select the image on your page, or place your cursor where you wish the image to be inserted.
  2. From the WebAssist menu, choose Resize Image.
  3. Select the 'Resize images smaller than specified dimensions' if you want images to be stretched (upsized) if they are smaller than the dimensions specified.
  4. Browse to the desired directory that you wish to use to store the resized version of this image.
    If the folder does not already exist, it will be created when the image file is created.
  5. From the Resize by menu, choose how you wish to have the image resized.
    • Stretch to fit: Will resize the to fit the width and height specified. This will not maintain the original image's aspect ratio.
    • Fit to Box: Will resize the image so that it fits within the dimensions specified.
      Depending on whether the original image is tall or wide, the image will be resized to be no taller or wider than the box. Any empty space will be filled with the fill color specified unless the original image is a PNG or GIF that contains transparency.
    • Crop from Center: Will crop the image from the center to fit the specified dimensions.
    • Proportion to box: Resizes the image to fit within the box dimensions specified in the HTML without adding a fill color to fill any empty space.
  6. Click OK to apply the functionality.

After uploading your files to your live server, you will want to load the page(s) that you have applied this functionality to, so that the images will be created. The initial loading of this page may be slow as it will be creating the resized images. This only occurs once.

Changing image directory

If you need to change the directory you specified to store your images, open the Server Behaviors panel (Window > Server Behaviors) and double-click the Image Resizer option to reenter the Image Resizer interface.