Using Payment Buttons for PayPal

The Payment Buttons for PayPal panel allows you to quickly manage your PayPal buttons, create new buttons, and update your API settings.


The Payment Buttons for PayPal panel can be launched from the Panels menu of the Expression Web menu bar.

Choose Panels > Payment Buttons for PayPal

You can move and resize the panel, or dock it with other panels to create the custom workspace that works best for you.

Most likely you will want this panel easily accessible while you are working on your shopping cart and product catalog pages.

API credentials

In order to use Payment Buttons for PayPal to manage your PayPal buttons, you need to obtain your API credentials from the PayPal website.  For more information on signing up for PayPal and obtaining your API credenitals click here.

API credentials are available to all PayPal Business accounts.  If you do not have PayPal Business account, visit to sign up or upgrade.
For more information on signing up for a PayPal Business account and obtaining your API credentials click here.

Once you obtain your API credentials, you will need to enter them in the Settings interface.

  1. From the Payment Buttons for PayPal panel, choose Settings.
  2. Enter the API credentials obtained from PayPal in the PayPal API Info fields.
  3. Click Finish.

After clicking Finish, Payment Buttons for PayPal will retrieve any payment buttons already added to your PayPal account.