PowerCMS Builder Help Documentation

PowerCMS Builder is a Dreamweaver extension for adding/managing PowerCMS on your Dreamweaver websites. This extension requires that you have a connection to a MySQL database for managing the PowerCMS system.

To get started using PowerCMS Builder on your website, you need to add your first content area to your website, the PowerCMS files will then be copied to your site, and you will need to install PowerCMS to take full advantage of all the features included in PowerCMS Builder.

Interface Access

The following access points can be used to launch the PowerCMS Builder interfaces.

Creating PowerCMS Content Areas

  • WebAssist > CMS > Add Content to PowerCMS

Inserting PowerCMS Content Areas to your pages

  • WebAssist > CMS > Insert Content from PowerCMS
  • WebAssist category of the Dreamweaver Insert panel/toolbar:

Reloading PowerCMS Content

If content has been modified from within the PowerCMS web-based interface, you can use this option to reload the content that appears within your site.

  • WebAssist > CMS > Reload Content