Using Site Import

The Site Import panel allows you to configure and manage the site importation process by providing import controls, and a log that provides comprehensive information about the status of your import.

To begin the site import process, select Import Site from the menu list, and click Go


  • WebAssist > Import Web Page(s)... > Site Import


There are four controls available for performing a site import, available at the top of the Site Import panel seen in the figure above. From left to right, these are:
  • Menu List - Allows you to specify whether you wish to conduct a site import, or a site report. Site imports have the option of including a report. Site reports compile a report on the site, without downloading any pages.
  • Go - Opens the Site Import wizard. Upon configuring the attributes of your import and completing the wizard, the import process starts. Previous import information will default into the wizard, allowing you to easily continue work using the same configuration options.

    The following pages detail the configuration options specific to each step of the wizard, allowing you to customize the files retrieved from a specified site:
  • Pause - Stops the current import and allows you to pick up from where you left off at a later time.
  • Resume - Continues the import process after a pause.
  • Stop - Stops the current import process. Starting the import again will re-open the Site Import wizard and start the import process from the beginning.

Progress Reporting

The Site Import control panel also provides detailed reporting on the progress of your import. More information regarding this can be found in Import Progress and Reports