Creating a Site Sculptor Site

Site Sculptor will create your entire website for you, including your navigation and content management system. The following pages guide you through the various interfaces of Site Sculptor and explain the process for creating your website.

Creating your website in Site Sculptor consists of the following steps.

  1. Configuring general site and design settings
  2. Customize pages to be created
  3. Customize site design
  4. Configure content management

Note: If you have your own Dreamweaver template, or CSS design you wish to use to create your site, you will need to set up this template in Dreamweaver prior to launching the Site Sculptor interface. For more information see Using a Custom Site Design.


Launching the Site Sculptor interface

The Site Sculptor interface can be launched from the following locations.

Dreamweaver menu

The WebAssist option of the Dreamweaver will list all the access points for Site Sculptor.

  • WebAssist > Build Site
    • New Site Sculptor Site: Launches the primary interface for creating your website with Site Sculptor.
    • Create Site Sculptor Page Type: Launches the interface for creating a custom Site Sculptor page type.

Note: Before launching the Site Sculptor interface, you should make sure that you have defined a site in Dreamweaver to specify where your website's file should be saved.