Using eCart

eCart adds checkout functionality to any PHP online store. Through using eCart, you can create "Add to cart" buttons, checkout pages for processing purchases, as well as numerous other features essential to a succesful online store.

Note: eCart is limited to creating the checkout functionality for making purchases on your online store. The creation of your product catalog needs to be done separately.

For more information on how eCart is used to create your checkout functionality, checkout the How eCart works page.

Before you start using eCart

Because eCart works with a database and creates PHP pages, you will need a PHP/MySQL testing server installed. This will allow you to test the pages you create with eCart and run your database locally for eCart to reference.

Proceed through the following tutorials to configure your system to dynamic development before you proceed.

Note: We highly recommend you use the Free MySQL eCommerce Database provided by WebAssist. This database includes all the tables you will need if creating an online store, saving you many hours of development.


Once installed, eCart can be accessed from the following locations.

  • Insert > WebAssist > eCart

  • eCart category of the Dreamweaver Insert panel/toolbar

Bindings panel

  • Add (+) > eCart

Server Behaviors panel

  • Add (+) > eCart