Using Pro Maps for Google™

This wizard adds a Pro Map for Google™ to your web page, allowing you to configure and specify several different configuration options. Upon specifying your Google™ Maps API key, you can configure multiple address locations for display in a given area from a dynamic data source or statically. For each address specified, you can customize the style and color of your address markers and information windows. As well, you can customize the map overlays, and include driving directions. and customize the size, zoom, inset, and scale attributes for the map generated.

Maps cannot be previewed within Design View, so a placeholder image is used to assist you in sizing and placing the map within your page.

A property inspector is available to access the wizard when the map is selected on the page, allowing you to make any changes when necessary.

The code footprint for a Google Map will consist of several JavaScript files referenced in the head of the document and a div tag in the body of the page. Multiple maps can be inserted on a webpage with each having their own external JavaScript file.


  • WebAssist > Insert Google™ Map
  • Insert Window > WebAssist > Insert Google™ Map


The following steps details the configuration options necessary to complete the wizard and insert a Google™ Map within your web page. Use the Back and Next buttons to navigate between each of the steps of the wizard, and click Finish in Step 5 when you have completed configuration:

Editing an existing Pro Map for Google™

To edit the configuration options for an existing Pro Map for Google™ on a web page, select the map in Design View. The property inspector for the wizard becomes available, and you can click the Edit button to re-access the wizard and make any necessary changes.