Framework Builder Help Documentation

The tools and functions found in Framework Builder are designed to assist the developer and speed up various tasks involved in dynamic web development. This help system explains the various tools and how they can be used as part of your web development workflow.

Using Plug-ins

Plug-ins function the same way as includes and allow for static or dynamic plug-ins. Plug-ins can be used in a variety of ways to speed up your development. For example, you can create plug-ins for various elements that you insert to pages on a regular basis such as maps or contact forms.

  • Static Plug-ins - Allows you to insert a plug-in to your page without any dynamic conditions.
  • Dynamic Plug-ins - Allows you to specify multiple plug-ins that are displayed based on a specified trigger variable.

Framework Builder Themes

The Framework Builder Theming architecture allows you to work with DWT files more efficiently by updating them to use the plug-in concept. When applied, you can avoid regularly updating all of your pages when you make a change to your template.

  • Creating Themes - Allows you to convert your template file (.dwt) and pages derived from that template to use the Framework Builder theme architecture.
  • Applying Static Themes - Applies a Framework Builder theme to an existing PHP page.
  • Applying Dynamic Themes - Allows you to specify multiple Framework Builder themes that are displayed based on a specified trigger variable.

Additional Utilities

  • Show if Utility - Allows you to apply a Show If Behavior to any region based on specified criteria being met.
  • Add Form to Bindings - Allows you to add form data from a page that will post to your current page.